Actress interview leak

The following has been posted to a dormant soundcloud page for the defunct literary collective Neither Am I. I’m a big fan of Actress – Splazsh carved its own niche in British bass music – and I’ve tracked everything since, including the twitter tracks he put out last year. If you’re at all interested in electronic music, Actress is where its at. He’s got a couple of new records forthcoming. I don’t know what to make of this, though. If it’s a PR stunt it smells a bit weird.

Following the arrest of an unnamed adult male responsible for a series of bizarre desecrations of public buildings – the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, the laser at Greenwich Observatory, 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead – police last month raided a house in the Thames Valley. In the premises they discovered evidence strongly suggesting the suspect had been working, unlicensed and untrained, as a psychotherapist.

Documents leaked to the press include the case file of a black, adult male, born in 1989 in Wolverhampton and living in south London. The young man, one Darren Cunningham, a musician working under the name Actress had enjoyed significant and unexpected success with a record release in 2010 (‘Splazsh’), and had just completed the recording a new release referred to in the notes as ‘R.I.P’. He had presented with a series of unusual symptoms: independent automatism of right and left hands; frequent fugue states; pronounced fetishization and personification of electronic machinery; waking visions. He reported dreaming of monuments, geometric figures and the archangel Uriel.

A talking cure had been undertaken, and the patient asked to respond to a number of site-specific or external stimuli relating to his past and/or cultural environments. An audio extract accompanying the leaked case notes is presented below without comment.

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