My first monograph, a cultural history of the idea of higher-dimensional space, was published by Oxford University Press in 2018.

While I was writing the PhD thesis that eventually became this book, I kept a blog – The Fairyland of Geometry – to record findings that did not make it into the finished essay and to keep track of my research activities. I don’t post there anymore but if you’re interested in the fourth dimension, the Victorian fin-de-siecle, or occultism, this may be of interest.

I used to run the MA Cultural and Critical Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, and now primarily teach on the MA Creative and Critical Writing. My departmental profile is here.

Journal articles

Book chapters

  • ‘Dracula and the New Horror Theories’, in The Cambridge Companion to Dracula ed. by Roger Luckhurst (Cambridge: CUP, 2017)
  • ‘‘Strange Diagonal that was Thought to be So Pure’: Tom McCarthy’s Geometric Exhortation’, in Calling All Agents, ed. by Dennis Duncan (Canterbury: Gylphi Press, 2016)
  • ‘‘On the Eve of the Fourth Dimension’: Utopian Higher Space’, in Utopian Spaces of Modernism: Literature and Culture, 1885-1945, ed. by Rosalyn Gregory, Benjamin Kohlmann (Palgrave, 2012)

My Google Scholar Citations are here.